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Not surprisingly, we haven’t seen the sun here in Seattle for several days. While it’s always refreshing to see students wearing some color on our cloudy afternoons, this Fashionista happens to be rocking a neutral palette in the best way possible. Aside from adoring the color scheme of her outfit, I love the different textures she paired together. From her ribbed sweater to her leather shorts to her lace-up combat boots, I was in love with this look. After finding out that she’s an international student from China, I was so interested to hear what she had to say about the varying styles found here versus those from across the globe!

Name: Kiera Yuan
Major: Biochemistry
Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Kiera Yuan: Everything I’m wearing is by the brand, Gozo. It’s a Japanese brand that I can get back home in China. I love it!

CF: How would you describe your style?

KY: Well, I’ve started to dress a little different this year. I think I’m starting to dress a bit younger. I like to wear clothes that I can be active in, but I also love edgier items. I love the color black! 

CF: What’s your favorite clothing item in your closet?

KY: Definitely my new long, back winter coat. It’s from Odbo, a German brand. 

CF: What are some differences between the style in China and in America that you’ve noticed?

KY: I think the people here prefer to dress a little older and they’re a bit less reserved. I don’t necessarily prefer one to the other — I think there are positives to both!

CF: Where do you find fashion inspiration?

KY: My friends’ closets — I love their styles. Also, my mom was a clothing design major in China so I look to her for style inspiration.

How To: To get a look similar to this Fashionista’s, I suggest finding a great pair of leather shorts and a scarf you can pair with just about any outfit. If you want to check out the brand Odbo that was mentioned in the interview, look here!


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