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A perk of attending Miami University is our newly added, six week winter break. And if coming back to class after such a long break wasn’t hard enough, looking stylish while staying warm sure is. Trends amidst this cold front are still the same from before we left for winter break. Long puffy coats are a popular choice of jacket this season, ranging from brands such as The North Face, Patagonia and UNIQLO. Another trend around campus is a love of boots. I’m not talking about riding boots here, I’m talking about snow boots. Hunter Boots just don’t seem to keep our toes warm during this frigid Ohio winter so us Miami girls have made Sorels and L.L.Bean (aka “Bean Boots”) our boots of choice this winter. This Fashionista has nailed the latest Miami trends while attending her first class of the spring semester.

Name: Kelly Whelan

Major: Communications

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What is your typical winter outfit?

Kelly Whelan: For class, I generally put together something along the lines of jeans with an oversized sweater. I usually like to wear my Frye boots, but lately since there has been snow/ice on the ground, my Sorels are my go to boot. I like to keep it simple, but warm.

CF: Where do you get your style influence?

KW: I would say my style is a hybrid of Vannessa Hudgens and Lauren Conrad. Preppy like Lauren with a little bit of indie like Vanessa.

CF: Do you and your roommate go to each other for outfit advice?

KW: Yes, all the time. I never know if taking a risk is too risky. I generally go to her for advice when we are getting ready to go out and vise versa.

How To: This Fashionista demonstrates an outfit that is wearable for every chilly day and is very easy to add your own personal touch. Your bottoms should be your favorite pair of jeans. Jeans keep you warmer than leggings while also looking more dressy. Depending on how cold it is, you could even wear jeans over leggings.

Next, a chunky sweater! Chunky sweaters are my favorite part of winter. Any sweater works with this look. With that said, however, since your coat will be long and puffy, keep the sweater more subtle and simple. For your boots, us Miami girls usually go for Sorels or Bean Boots on these chilly days, but any type of winter boot will complete the look (as long as you are warm of course!). Style is being creative and showing off your personality. Be risky Fashionistas!


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