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What do you wear on a snow day? Funny enough, South Carolina cancelled classes due to “incoming wintery weather” last night and way before any snow fall officially occurred. Students, including myself, are obviously elated about the day off but laughing over the campus shut down. Not one flake of snow has touched the ground and the temperature remains tolerable. This Fashionista mocks the exaggerated precautions of a school snow day by wearing something you can consider stylishly polar opposite. 

Name: Kelly Newcomb

Year: Senior

Major: Public Relations

CollegeFashionista: What platforms (i.e. Pinterest, blogs) do you draw your inspiration from when it comes to your personal style?

Kelly Newcomb: Most of my style inspiration comes from Pinterest or Instagram. I always look to Lauren Conrad or Whitney Port for outfit ideas. My friends back home are also a big inspiration. We all have a similar style and are always sharing outfit ideas.

CF: If you could pick any store (brick-and-mortar or online) for a free shopping spree, which one would you choose?

KN: Urban Outfitters hands down. I buy everything from nail polish to combat boots there.

CF: What is your go-to outfit for everyday? And for a night out?

KN: My go-to outfit for everyday is a pair of lululemon pants, a cute jacket and TOMS or Sanuks. I like being comfortable. For a night out, I choose more of a bohemian look – I love tribal prints and bright colors.

CF: Which season is your favorite in terms of pairing outfits?

KN: Late spring, early summer—I’m a beach girl so I love pastel dresses and sandals. I’m not a fan of bundling up in the winter, but the spring time still allows me to wear jackets and a cute pair of shorts.

How To: This Fashionista’s printed color top pairs nicely with similar neutral shades in her jacket and combat boots. Matching neutrals work well when balanced between other clothing (her jeans, for example). While the weather is still considered “wintery,” I strongly suggest picking up a beanie and getting some good wear with it. They can make any outfit, casual or not, look playful with an edge.


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