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There is nothing greater than having roommates who are stylish. It’s always an awesome moment when your three separate closets morph into one giant closet with endless possibilities. But how do you borrow things without losing your own signature style? I learned how from this flawless Fashionista. What I love about this week’s Fashionista is how she borrows from her friends without losing the basis of her own style. Her beautiful, sheer blouse is delicate in contrast to her statement necklace. Parkas have been everywhere because of the cold, but this Fashionista stands out in her olive green one. The American Eagle jeans, which are hers, are a staple to her classic style. With strong basics like these, it’s easy to mix in something you admire from a friend. Just remember to ask before borrowing!

Name: Kelly Hiller

Year: Sophomore

Major: Nursing

CollegeFashionista: Tell me about your personal style.

Kelly Hiller: My style is split between the weekdays and the weekends. On the weekdays I like to wear comfortable, classic things. On the weekends my style becomes a little edgier.

CF: What’s your favorite thing in your closet right now?

KH: Right now, my favorite thing is my denim button-down. I can always just throw it on if I’m struggling to find something to wear.

CF: What do you usually borrow from your roommates?

KH: I love borrowing their necklaces. The one I am wearing now is actually one of theirs. I’m glad that we share things because I really love playing up my outfits with big jewelry.

CF: Do you look to your roommates and friends for style inspiration or somewhere else?

KH: Most of my fashion influence does come from my friends, but I also love flipping through magazines and getting inspiration that way.

CF: Would you say your style has evolved since starting college?

KH: Definitely! Since entering college my style has become much more refined. I’m a little more money conscience, so my wardrobe now consists of only things that I love.

How To: Pulling off this Fashionista’s style is easy if you have statement jewelry. Try something edgy like this one, or opt for something more classic. All of this can be paired with some American Eagle jeans. The best part about statement jewelry is that it works with a blouse like the one this Fashionista is wearing, or with something heavier, like this.


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