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Being in Milwaukee for the month of January has been an absolute eye-opener for me in terms of style. Fashionistas in Milwaukee seem have a very classic look. Out-on-the-town girls are wearing their favorite blouses, skinny jeans and fun pairs of booties; during the day they are mostly sporting cute peacoats and boots. This is very different from the trends I see in Madison and, to be honest, I have started to miss how unique the fashions are on campus.

When I spotted this Fashionista leaving her house for a day of work, I absolutely had to stop her. I felt so inspired seeing her classic but trendy outfit. She was very excited to answer a few questions and share some secrets about her style with us!

College Fashionista: How would you describe your style?

Kelly Daugherty: It’s very difficult for me to describe my style, but one thing I rarely do that I’m doing today is wear shorts during the day. I usually stick to jeans during the day and dress myself up at night. Sometimes, though, it’s just exciting to take a classic style and pair it with something totally trendy, like the tights and shorts look I have on today. So, I guess my main secret is to stay classic and modern, but throw in something totally trendy that will surprise people.

CF: Where do you get your inspirations from? Magazines, blogs, et cetera?

KD: I am an avid blog reader. I love Cupcakes and Cashmere as well as Man Repeller. I love that both of these bloggers are totally unique, Cupcakes and Cashmere having a little more of a classic style and Man Repeller being a total rule breaker. I like to get my inspiration from people and places that don’t necessarily reflect myself.

CF: What is your go-to piece for winter?

KD: A fun coat, 100 percent. My mom is a total Fashionista and her main obsession is coats. Growing up, I always borrowed hers for special occasions and I am slowly (but surely!) growing a collection of my own. A coat is something I like to splurge on.

CF: The coat you have on now…was that a splurge?

KD: Actually no! This is a BB Dakota coat that I got for an unbelievable price. But hey…it’s not always about the price!

How To: If wearing shorts with tights isn’t your favorite look, try it with a fun pleated skirt and pair it with a great coat. If you’re looking for a coat that isn’t quite a splurge, try H&M.


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