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It is always refreshing to see bold statements made in everyday style. Whether heading to class or the mall, adding in a few statement pieces can never hurt! It wasn’t hard to “spot” this week’s Fashionista, as she creates a simple look with neutral colors, but kicks it up a notch with her polka-dot pants and studded bag. This outfit shows us that by adding simple elements like different patterns and textures, anybody can take ordinary to extraordinary.

Name: Kelly Cusick

Major: Occupational Therapy

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: Where do you get your style inspiration?

Kelly Cusick: My style inspirations usually come from what I see in magazines and from what others are wearing around campus. Lately though, a lot of my style ideas come from Pinterest and images on other social media sites like Tumblr.

CF: How would your describe your personal style?

KC: I guess I would consider my style somewhat bohemian. I like to wear a lot of neutrals and tend to keep my style casual, but I always add in a few bold or trendier pieces to mix it up.

CF: Where is your favorite place to shop?

KC: I love Urban Outfitters, but I buy a lot of my accessories from Forever 21.

CF: Is that where you got your amazing bag?

KC: Yes! I have a serious obsession with studs.

CF: How else do you like to accessorize your outfits?

KC: Well, scarves are great especially for the fall. They can complete any outfit and tie everything together. I also love to wear socks and legwarmers with my boots. I wear them both for fashion and for practicality.

How To: Want to snag this Fashionista’s look? Try starting with a cool pair of patterned pants just like this Fashionista’s. Pair them with a simple tee and a neutral colored cardigan. Last, accessorizing is key with this outfit! Try Kelly’s favorite place to shop, Urban Outfitters, for these outfit-completing must-haves! Add any knitted scarf, a pair of leg warmers (fold them over your boots), and a studded tote bag to complete this look.


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