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The seasons are starting to change (get my bikinis ready), but the semester is starting to stink. What comes twice a year and makes students study on a Saturday night? Midterms! These two hours tests drive college kids crazy and this week’s Fashionista is no exception… she’s mad! With a double major, in elementary education and history, this Fashionista has notes piled high. Study for Spanish, read for religion and quiz yourself for chemistry, but don’t forget to focus on the fashion. While late night study sessions may leave you with some dark circles (thank you, Mother Nature), it’s nothing fashion can’t fix.

Name: Kellie Zarrek

Major: Elementary education and history

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Kellie Zarrek: My plaid shirt and black jeggings are from H&M, my white T-shirt is from Forever 21 and I have on brown TOMS shoes.

CF: What is the biggest influence on how you dress?

KZ: Basic patterns and colors. I like to be clean cut, but still make my outfits fun!

CF: What is your favorite thing to wear to class?

KZ: A comfy T-shirt, a cardigan, leggings and riding boots.

CF: Who is your celebrity fashion influence?

KZ: Jennifer Aniston. She’s simple, comfortable and cool.

CF: What is your style advice for Fashionista/os reading this article?

KZ: Wear what you feel comfortable in and flaunt it!

How To: Studying all night for statistics, but don’t want to look exhausted during your exam? Sleepless Sundays do not permit pajamas come Monday morning. Follow this Fashionista’s cool campus style by selecting cute and comfortable pieces. Bonus points for adding shades to hide those tired eyes. Can’t justify jumping out of your jammies for your test at ten? A flannel shirt feels likes you’re still sleeping, but doesn’t sacrifice your style. Too delusional to do denim? Fake out your friends with jeggings (they’re so tired, they won’t notice anyways)! Going into a big test it’s important to feel confident! Fashion can make you feel that way. Good luck with midterms and catch you on campus! I’ll be the gal taking her midterm in mink.


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