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As midterm week quickly approaches, this Fashionista does not let the stress of studying stop her from looking absolutely fabulous. No matter how busy her day is, she always makes sure to put on her red lips and a killer outfit to give her that extra boost of confidence. On this surprisingly not sunny day in San Diego, this Fashionista mixes spring trends with some classic winter pieces. She pairs a floral dress with an oversized button-up sweater and tights. She also styles her outfit with a pair of combat boots to make a unique combination of edgy and sweet. To complete her look, she accessorizes it with her black Henri Bendel purse, which adds the perfect feminine touch to this fun ensemble.

Name: Katy Taylor

Major: Communications

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Katy Taylor: I am wearing an Anthropologie dress with Steve Madden combat boots and a Ralph Lauren button-up sweater. I accessorized with a Henri Bendel purse and black tights and socks from Target. 

CF: How has your style evolved since coming to college?

KT: I was definitely more of a tomboy when I was younger. I always wore sporty clothes or just jeans and a T-shirt; however, ever since coming to college, I love to experiment with my style and be preppy and girly one day and edgy the next.

 CF: Describe your personal style?

KT: I would have to describe my style as feminine and classic with a modern and edgy twist. 

 CF: What would be your fashion dream job?

KT: I would love to be the photography editor for Vogue or a stylist for the red carpet.

CF: Which celebrity do you look to for style inspiration?

KT: When I feel like dressing classic and polished, I look at what Kate Middleton is wearing. If I feel like looking girly and colorful, I look to Zooey Deschanel to provide some style inspiration.

How To: This boots and dress combination can easily be changed and adapted to fit different styles.  If you wanted to make this look a littler more casual and appropriate for spring, you could switch out the combat boots for a pair of Converse and style it with a jean jacket instead of a sweater. You can also give this look a little more of a classic and preppy twist but pairing the floral dress with a pair of riding boots and a fitted blazer. To take this preppy outfit from day to night, just swap out the boots for a pair of heels, and put on a fun statement necklace for a little sparkle.


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