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The cold and wet weather has hit Mount Pleasant, and boy has it hit hard. While it’s only the beginning of the semester, the weather makes it difficult to actually get ready for the day. There are so many other factors we now have to take in consideration before we get dressed. Will these shoes be able to keep up with the wet and icy slush? What kind of jacket/sweater is necessary? Is seventeen layers enough to keep me warm? I think you get  the point. Kudos to those who actually take time to make themselves look presentable in this kind of weather. This is one Fashionista who deserves a pat on the back. Her sheer blouse looks cute and sophisticated on its own, while the chunky sweater brings in the element of comfort and warmth for these chilly days. Her belt of choice catches the eye, and the sparkles brighten your day (at least it brightened mine). She turned to leggings for a little bit of extra comfort, which pair nicely with long sweaters. She got her boots from Burlington Coat Factory, which survive the wet conditions outside nicely.

Name: Katie Mick

Major: Undeclared

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What do you consider to be a staple part of your wardrobe?

Katie Mick: Belts! I am always seen wearing belts! Without them I feel like I could lose my pants at any moment. They also make really cute accessories. 

CF: Where do you usually shop? 

KM: I really like shopping at Express, JCPenney and Target. Mainly any major department store.

CF: Who inspires your style?

KM: I don’t have a specific person that inspires my style. I’d say that just normal people who look good inspire me. I find ways to make their style fit into my wardrobe.

 CF: What do you love most about your outfit?

KM: I really love my belt. I pretty much love anything sparkly. 

How To: Belts are a great choice to pair with blouses this time of year. With the cold and snow, this is the time that many Fashionista/os begin layering. While it’s very popular right now, layering can also blur dimension and body shape. By wearing a belt under your main layer (the shirt that people can see if you’re wearing open cardigans) at the smallest part of your waist, you can emphasize your shape. Click here to score a pair of some riding boots for a cheap price!


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