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Dead week got you down?  It may seem like unnecessary effort, but investing in your look can help you feel excited to face the day. But how? It’s times like these that we must turn to those for whom style is business. This week’s fashionista writes for the school paper and maintains a personal lifestyle blog called The Classy Collegiate, a name which describes her perfectly.

Name: Kathrine Schulze

Major: Journalism and Political Science

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Kathrine Schulze: I’m wearing jeans, a white sleeveless blouse and pink shoes.

CF: How would you describe your style?

KS: I have an urban preppy style with a bit of a country influence.

CF: From where do you get style inspiration?

KS: I read a lot of blogs, including The College Prepster and Cupcakes and Cashmere.  I’m also influenced by store campaigns such as those by J.Crew, kate spade and Kiel James Patrick.

CF: How does your Journalism major influence your style?

KS: Because I’m part of the school paper, I feel the need to look more professional than the average college student.

CF: Tell us about your blog!

KS: I’ve always read blogs and blogging has always fascinated me. The idea for The Classy Collegiate came about while I was at lunch with my friends the summer before I left for college. My blog is a place where I can go to talk about all the style influences I love and things like that. It’s a completely different style of writing than I’m allowed to do in school, so it’s a stress reliever.

CF: What style advice do you have for college girls trying to look professional?

KS: Look for pieces that are comfortable and functional yet don’t scream college student. You don’t want to look too grown-up, though. Understand what you’re comfortable with and go with it.

How To: To achieve Kathrine’s simple yet colorful style, start off with a basic pair of dark wash skinny jeans. On top, where a sleeveless top with a bit texture or detailing, like this sleeveless military cotton shirt from C. Wonder. Tuck the top into your pants to give your body some shape. Add a pop of color to your look with a pair of fun shoes like these pink loafers from J.Crew Factory. If your fun outfit isn’t enough to get yourself out the door, add motivation in the form of quirky accessories such as these bangles from kate spade.


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