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It’s another gloomy day here in Tallahassee, Florida. I spotted this Fashionista sporting an oversized sweater paired with bleach-dyed high-waist shorts while waiting for my next class to begin. I’ve developed a recent obsession with sweaters and I absolutely adore how she styles hers to create a modern twist on a classic hippie look perfect for those lazy rainy days.

Name: Katelyn Manee

Major: Biology

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: How would you define your personal style?

Katelyn Manee: I like dressing different; I kind of dress how I feel. If I’m feeling lazy I’ll put on something comfy or if I’m feeling girly I’ll throw on a dress and some heels, but it’s very different everyday.

CF: What are your favorite stores/brands?

KM: I actually worked at a little shop from my hometown called Frock Candy. We always had cute stuff and it would last you a while. Our store had good clothes and was inexpensive.

CF: What’s your favorite campus-friendly accessory?

KM: You can always find cute backpacks or totes you can use that are fashionable and you can put all of your books in them.

CF: What’s your must-have item of the season?

KM: Sweaters. I’m obsessed with sweaters. They’re perfect because you can put them with shorts when it’s not that hot out, wear them with leggings and they look cute over dresses.

CF: What’s inspires your style?

KM: My friends; I like seeing what they wear. We kind of go off of each other. When they’re wearing something cute or I have on something they like, we’ll incorporate it into our own outfit. I have four sisters so we always play off of each other, and we’re all little Fashionistas. We’ll buy each other clothes and play off of one another’s individual style.

How To: Add some oversized sweaters to your wardrobe. They’re the perfect addition to any outfit, not to mention super comfortable! The key to this Fashionistsa’s look is to not stick with one trend. She combines various unique items to construct a look that shows off her personality while being prepared for the unpredictable Florida weather. Add a pair of cutoff shorts you can find at Olde Fields Clothing, vintage boots and a delicate necklace to top it off.


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