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I spotted this Fashionista at a local college residence. In a collegiate environment, many students tend to dress toward two extremes; while some are indifferent when it comes toward fashion, others seem to be overly concerned. It is always refreshing to spot a stylish student with a unique sense of style. I appreciated how this Fashionista was able to blend trends from different decades, portraying her own style and personality. Pairing a bold leather jacket with a flowy, ’70s skirt, this Fashionista hit the nail on the head when it comes to personalized style.

Name: Kate Pivacek

Major: Journalism

Year: Sophomore

College Fashionista: How important is fashion in your life?

Kate Pivacek: Fashion has never really been a priority for me, but it has increasingly become something I really enjoy. It’s such a creative and personal thing to be able to put together different pieces that exemplify your personality in a nonverbal way.

 CF: What accessory do you wear every single day?

KP: I wear two accessories every day: my silver necklace with a charm that says “Imagine” from my mom and my Claddagh ring that my grandmother brought for me from Galway, Ireland.

CF: What is your favorite item you are wearing in this outfit?

KP: I really love my vintage leather jacket. It shouldn’t even be legal to wear leather in the Florida heat, but I still find a way to bust it out all the time.

 CF: Do you have anyone you would consider a style icon?

KP: I wouldn’t consider any one person my style icon, but I like to take bits of inspiration from different people, usually from musicians and especially from different times. I love the bohemian flower child aspects of the ’70s paired with the edgier and bolder looks from the ’80s.

CF: Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to trends in college style? 

KP: I suppose my biggest pet peeve with college style would be that there never seems to be a happy medium with this demographic. People I see on campus are always either dressed in yesterday’s gym clothes or ready to walk the runway at Paris Fashion Week. There is also a lot of uniformity; it’d be refreshing to see people take more risks while they are in an environment where it would be appreciated.

How To: To get this Fashionista’s decade-blending look, try to focus on pieces that echo the quirkiness of the ’80s or the flower child vibe of the ’70s. If those decades aren’t for you, try out classic pieces that are reminiscent of ’20s or ’50s style. For a great leather jacket, try this classic option from ASOS. To add a flowy skirt like this Fashionista’s, this high-low version from Topshop would fit the bill perfectly. Pairing the two items together would be great for a chic, head-to-toe black, going out look.


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