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With winter break as a distant memory and the new semester in full swing, things have started to get hectic for college students everywhere. The time has (unfortunately) come for exams to begin, papers to be written and assignments to be submitted, leaving little time for rest and relaxation. On a busy Tuesday afternoon, I spotted this Fashionista on her way to get coffee before hitting the stacks for a study session. Wearing lots of layers, leather boots and bright purple lipstick, she was ready to conquer her homework in style.

Name: Kate Hackeling

Major: Nursing

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What inspired this look?

Kate Hackeling: Wherever I go, I like to be comfortable, yet still look put together. This outfit, just a plain blank tank with leggings and a cardigan, allowed me to do that. I also wore the scarf and necklace to add some pop to my simple outfit, allowing me to look neat and fashionable.

CF: Who is your favorite designer?

KH: I really love Kate Spade; she’s my latest obsession! Her jewelry, for example, is quirky and fun, but also classy. Additionally, Michael Kors has always been a favorite of mine.

CF: How do you stay on trend while on the budget of a college student?

KH: It’s definitely hard, but I try to seek out as many sales as possible. I always give my favorite stores my email so I’m updated on their sales, which really makes a difference. I also like to mix and match. I try to wear things I previously wore a new way so I don’t get bored of them.

CF: What are you most looking forward to about spring fashion?

KH: Wearing fun pastels and bright colors! I recently got a new hot pink Kate Spade bag and I’m excited for the change of seasons so I can start wearing it. I feel like it’s the perfect accessory to any spring outfit!

CF: Do you feel like the trends you see around campus influence your personal style?

KH: Definitely! I constantly see girls wearing bold things when they go to class or go out. Even just basic things like a cute scarf or a statement accessory that helps to spice up their outfit inspire me to try out the same styles.

How To: As a busy college student who is constantly running around, it can be difficult to achieve the perfect balance between couture and comfy. For starters, a chunky, printed cardigan is a surefire way to stay stylish while still looking laid back and effortless. To add some extra warmth, couple your cardigan with a traditional cashmere scarf. Finally, finish off your outfit with a giant, neutral tote so you have a place to throw all your on-the-go needs!


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