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Whilst this Fashionista’s monochromatic ensemble ticked all of my check boxes, unlike most times, it was not my fondness for a grays, charcoals and blacks that drew me to her. Instead, it was her boots!

Having never been a fan of the over-the-knee boot trend, this Fashionista gave me all the right reasons to believe that the word ‘tacky’ can keep its distance from the reigning shoe trend. It’s common to segment your bodies rather than elongate them because of the wrong type of boot, but this Fashionista took her model-esque physique to her advantage and did not hesitate to sport her over-the-knee’s in turn accentuating her long legs. She simply topped it off with an expressive graphic T-shirt paired with a classic black blazer and pink earrings that gave it a little bit of an early morning pizzazz.

Name: Kat Harrison

Major: Neuroscience

Year: Junior

College Fashionista: So tell me about your outfit! Where is every thing from?

Kat Harrison: I’m head to toe in one brand —  Zara. I am a bit of Zara junkie. I love everything they have and I pretty much have it all. They also have amazing sales so you can snap up some great deals, especially online! 

CF: So you have lived in Canada your whole life. Wardrobe wise, how do you deal with the climate change?

KH: Honestly, I am used to it. I have two separate wardrobes for the seasons and I don’t usually mix and match pieces. In the winter, I’ll be in dark colors and they lighten during the summer.

CF: How do you transition between the summer season to the fall?

KH: As the days get colder, bare legs turn into ones covered with tights, statement necklaces are layered with scarves and eventually flats turn into boots. It’s gradual which is good, but if you know what’s coming season wise, it’s always exciting to pull out some of your favorite warm clothes!

CF: How would you describe your style?

KH: I would say very minimalist, I like to dress with an androgynous style! I like things very clean cut, sophisticated and classy. I like to wear things that are more straight lined, so wearing ruffles wouldn’t be something that I would typically wear. I think I would say 30-year-old mom style with a little bit of an edge and a dash of youthfulness. 

CF: What item would you never be caught in?

KH: Wedged sneakers! They’re unflattering and outdated! Or also, any type of cropped trousers! I’m already quite tall so many trousers I try are cropped on me so I try to find trousers that fit me well shape wise as well as length wise! 

CF: Winter staple?

KH: Boots, of course! I love myself a great pair of boots! And a good coat, can’t go without one! I love my skirts too! 

How to: Love her look? It’s simple! If you want to try out the over-the-knee boot look, go for a classic pair of flat boots or if you’re confident that you love the style, opt for a heeled pair. Be sure that you are comfortable with the fabric of the boot and whether it suits your body type or not! Clothing wise, a classic black blazer will always do you good. Try out one with a faux-leather lapel to add an edge to your formal look or replace the blazer for a funky moto jacket. As for finding a good graphic T-shirt, you can find one at your local flee market or go for something quirky in a store. This look is perfect for a day at school, pair your monochromes as well as your casuals and formals for a collected look!


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