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This Fashionista caught my eye with her effortless city style. The clean oversized lines of her jacket and loafer flats contrast effortlessly with her loose fitting boyfriend jeans and chunky, burnt orange scarf. While casual, this outfit is put together and clean. It is perfect for running errands, sitting in a lecture hall or going out for a quick stroll around the block.

Name: Kaleena Lee

Program: Theatre Performance Production

Year: Freshman

CF: What are you wearing today?

KL: Liz Claiborne flats, thrifted boyfriend jeans, a H&M oversized circle scarf and my new favourite item: my Isabel Marant pour H&M oversized coat.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

KL: I guess my style really depends on my day. Generally, because it’s almost exam period, I’m up late studying and have to rush in the morning, so I find it easiest just to throw on a pair of trusty boyfriend jeans. My style is very casual. I try to look as effortless and put together as I can. 

CF: Has Ryerson campus and living in Toronto influenced your style at all? And how?

KL: Living in Toronto my whole life has really shown me really diverse people and everyone has their own style that works for them. Being in Toronto has really let me wear what I want, whenever I want.

CF: What are some of your favorite stores to shop at?

KL: H&M, hands-down, is my go-to store and thrift stores.

CF: How does your style change within seasons?

KL: In warmer weather I tend to wear a lot of fun, printed dresses because it’s hot and, honestly, I get too lazy to do much coordinating. It’s really during the fall and winter seasons that I have a lot more fun layering various items of clothing to be cute and warm. 

CF: What’s your key to accessorizing?

KL: I’m kind of obsessed with my rings; I have a tendency to wear them every day. Three of the six rings are actually rings my girlfriend of almost two years gave me. My favourite one is probably the twisted one on my ring finger. Engraved in it is “Nothing is impossible”. It reminds me every day that I can do anything, that I can’t limit myself, you know?

Hint: Steal this cool early winter style by pairing a cocoon jacket with simple boyfriend jeans. A basic black pair of comfortable flats are key, as well as collected, meaningful jewelry, whether it’s rings, necklaces or bracelets. Finish this look with a rustic chunky scarf, and you are set!


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