Fashionista Spotlight

Nemo, the latest blizzard, has just departed from the New England region and the snow, although still thick, is starting to disappear. This Fashionista is sporting a seamlessly fashionable yet effortless and fun outfit. She walked down the stairs of one of the main buildings on campus and immediately caugt my eye with her cool pair of shorts. Wonder what they are? Cullottes, a pair of cute bottoms that take on the shape of a skirt.

Name: Justina Lee

Grade: Sophomore

Major: Economics and Art

College Fashionista: What inspires your style?

Justina Lee: Preppy things. I like a lot of skirts and collared shirts. I recently cut my hair really short and so I find most of my looks pretty edgy now.

CF: What color most defines you?  It can pertain to clothes, accessories, nail polish, etc.    

JL: Charcoal; I’m not like mod or super hipster to have the color be black, but it [charcoal] is in the grayscale. I can’t really pinpoint one color, so I’m going to go with this shade.

CF: When you want to be comfortable, but still fashionable, what look do you aim for?    

JL: Culottes; I was really intrigued by what they were so looked them up. I got this pair from Korea and have had trouble finding other pairs. They’re really comfortable and resemble a skirt.They’re not too short, but not too long.

CF: What material are you most fond of this season?                

JL: Cashmere; it’s lightweight and warm and although more expensive than I prefer, I would definitely like more of it.

How-To: To get Justina’s international yet comfortable look, try Asos to get these fashionable shorts that are just as edgy as cullottes; pair with a basic pair of black stockings from Macy’s. Try a silk blouse from Anthropologie and if you’re feeling daring opt for a pair of powder blue Steve Madden combat boots from Nordstrom. A nice, long coat from London Fog will finish off the look.


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