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Black is the go-to shade that is appropriate to wear in any situation. What I love about this Fashionista’s outfit is how she paired black clothing with gold accessories as accents to her personal style. This look works for class and for a night out with friends. As Marc Jacobs once said, “any opportunity to adorn oneself is human, and accessories are an easy way to do it.” Accessories complete an outfit while conveying an aspect about one’s own personality. When I came across this Fashionista, I figured she had a bold demeanor because of her beautiful gold jewelry paired perfectly with her flashy sandals. This spring, every girl needs at least one pair of bright sandals similar to these!

Name: Junilza Velazquez

Major: Criminal Justice

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Junilza Velazquez: My jacket is from H&M and my tank top is from Forever 21. My eyeglasses are Prada. My jeans are from American Apparel and my sandals are from ALDO. 

CF: What inspires your style choices and why?

JV: Honestly, I don’t have a fashion inspiration. I don’t read fashion blogs or catalogs. I feel like I’m my own inspiration because I coordinate outfits myself.  

CF: What is one item that every wardrobe should include?

JV: A great pair of shoes. Shoes are the final touch of every look and are the component that make or break the outfit you’re wearing. When you’re searching for the right pair, make sure they’ll match a good amount of clothing in your closet. I picked these sandals because they complement almost any color. 

CF: What do you consider the ideal shoe?

JV: I would have to pick my black combat boots because they can be worn with shorts in the summer and jeans or leggings in the winter. They match with everything. 

CF: What’s your favorite store?

JV: Zara is hands down my favorite store, because you walk in and see almost any pattern imaginable on almost any type of clothing. All the prints are very unique and complex. The clothing is innovative, modern and sleek. It’s a perfect haven for me to find exactly what look I have in mind. 

CF: How would you describe your style?

JV: I dress conservatively, casual professional and even preppy at times. It all depends on what mood I’m in when I get out of bed. 

CF: How do you feel about piercings and how they add to a look? 

JV: Well, I have my belly and my nose pierced. I think if a piercing is simple and doesn’t overpower your facial features, then it could work as an accent. 

How To: Gold sandals are a necessity to successfully accomplish a look similar to this Fashionista’s. Swap out those jeans for a pair of ripped black shorts and a pair of lace-up sandals I personally own this similar pair. Add a matching necklace to balance the look. Sometimes, too much gold can be a bad thing. Try a more delicate necklace if you feel like you are overloading on accessories.


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