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Fashion is always about breaking boundaries and defying traditional standards. College is the perfect time to embody this philosophy of going above and beyond the norm to make a difference. Why not introduce this rule-breaking tradition into your wardrobe? You can defy weather rules set by the season and mix and match things from different seasons. This Fashionista knows how to take a spring element and combine it with more traditional pieces for the fall season. Read on to find out how she defies the standards and creates an outfit that is flowy and chic.

Name: Joyce Yin

Major: Pre-Business

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What inspired your outfit today?

Joyce Yin: Well I saw the weather was cold, but I really wanted to wear one of my spring dresses. Because, you know, spring is coming but I decided to kind of tone it down. I didn’t want all the bright orange and yellows so I guess I just wore some tights and kinda like my fall jacket. And it’s not so wintery here that you need to put on your wool coat or something like that. Honestly, I think it just revolved around this dress, I guess. 

CF: Who is your style icon?

JY: I don’t really think I have a style icon. I just like to dress what I like to wear.  I just feel like whatever I feel like dressing. And as long as it looks good in the mirror, you know, and I feel good and I feel confident walking out there, then I guess I just wear what I want to wear. 

CF: What is your spring staple?

JY: You have to have lightweight cardigans. I feel like you have to have lightweight cardigans. Because, you know, spring is still not summer so you can’t just wear tank tops and shorts. You know what you need? A lightweight cardigan, that’s what you need! Some of them are like the long ones and the long ones that are a little baggy. You don’t want the tight ones because what if you just sweat, you know. So again, lightweight, baggy, flowy cardigans. I feel like that’s a staple. 

CF: What’s your go-to spring accessory?

JY: Scarves! I have a lot of really lightweight scarves and their like kind of pinkish color with little flowers or little dainty flowers. You don’t want the ones that are really heavy. So sometimes I just wear them just like really long and again with the cardigan. It flows with your cardigan! I like flowy things! So I think spring scarves are really essential. And also rings and jewelry! Well that’s for all season long but all of them. 

CF: What are your favorite brands and designers?

JY: I guess where I shop, I mean, I like Brandy Melville. I love their clothes! Very simple but it’s very flowy and chic. I also like Urban Outfitters. I love their clothes especially when they’re on sale. For me, I like to get bargains. So I always go to like Nordstrom Rack and  T.J. Maxx. Those two places! I could just live there! They have really good quality clothes, but like half the price. So when you ask me what brand I mean I don’t really know…Nordstrom Rack. But you know, I like to shop at those places. 

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

JY: I like a lot of flowy pieces. I mean I don’t like to wear a lot of constricting pants or constricting shirts so I guess I…I don’t know what the style would be. I wouldn’t say bohemian. Maybe like a little free spirit. I also like to layer some girly things but then maybe pair them with boots. I don’t go all out girl. I don’t know what you would call that style. But I guess flowy. 

How To: In order to capture this season defying technique, you must master the art of layering. Layering will take your look from a warm day to a cold night very effortlessly. For the spring vibe like this Fashionista, go for a playful spring dress like this one from Forever 21. Instead of pairing the spring dress with a heavy coat, opt for a lighter option like this parka from Zara. For the rest of the layering technique pair the dress with leggings or tights, depending on the weather, and top it off with a bold scarf.


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