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Being a Fashionista means showing your style whenever and wherever. This Fashionista does just that. Not only is she a student, but she is also a long and triple jumper on the track and field team at Texas A&M. She practices everyday and competes on the weekends, but that doesn’t stop her from being stylish. This fit Fashionista believes it is important to wear what looks good on your body rather than what is the hottest trend. She also says that as long as you have plenty of accessories, nothing else matters.

Name: Jordan Wilson

Major: Community Health

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Jordan Wilson: My shorts are DIY and from Goodwill. My top, cardigan and some accessories are from Forever 21. I’m also wearing my Aggie ring, a family heirloom diamond ring and a James Avery necklace with a Texas A&M charm. My sandals are from Charlotte Russe. My watch is Michael Kors and my cross-body bag is Tory Burch. The team issued me the Nike backpack and running shoes.

CF: Describe your style.

JW: I think my style is somewhere between tomboy and girly girl. I just like clothes that complement my body. I don’t care about what others like. I wear what I want and what I know will look great on me. I am also a big fan of accessories. They can take your outfit from a 5 to 10!

CF: How do you express your style when traveling to meets and during competitions?

JW: We dress up when we travel. My head coach always says, “This is a business trip.” I am able to express my style with outfit that I rarely get to wear. You caught me on a good day. Usually, I’m in workout gear because I don’t have time to change before practice. During competition, I get to keep on some of my favorite accessories and show a lot of school spirit.

CF: How do you see your style changing after graduation?

JW: I will definitely be dressing more professional. I’m not worried though because I will fit my style in there somewhere.

CF: Who is your favorite style icon?

JW: Definitely Rihanna. She has the tomboy/girly girl thing going, too. She’s very inspirational in the fashion world. I love her!

CF: What trends do think should have stayed in 2013?

JW: Sneaker wedges. I don’t need to say much else about them.

How To: A style mixed between tomboy and girly girl can be very chic. How’s this for a fabulous outfit? An edgy snapback hat, an embedded chic crewneck sweatshirt, a leather pencil skirt and the hottest pair of Nike Roshe Runs! You can swap the skirt for skinnys or the snapback for a slick ponytail. Just combine boyish elements with girly accents or vice versa and you’re ready. Never forget accessories and cute bag!


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