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It is SCADstyle week at SCAD — one of the most exciting events for our school of fashion besides the senior fashion show that is held at the end of May. SCADstyle is a week where SCAD welcomes important luminaries in fashion, interior design, jewelry and more. This year, we had the honor of welcoming Alexander Wang at our Savannah campus. People started lining up five hours before the event on a very rainy day. Although I have to say the wait was absolutely worth it. I found this Fashionista in line waiting to see Alexander Wang. Her outfit stood out to me so I stopped her and asked a couple of questions.

Name: Jessica Ferreira

Major: Fashion Design

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing and where is it from?

Jessica Ferreira: I wanted to wear a fashion forward casual outfit for Alex’s lecture today that was easy to wear in the rain. My white leather jacket is True Religion, the white button-down is Urban Outfitters, the pants are J.Crew, my crystal necklace is Free People and my shoes are Mojo Moxy.

CF: In honor of SCADstyle, what does style mean to you?

JF: Style to me is something that represents the courage of your own conviction by the way you dress and how you want people to perceive you. It’s definitely something that becomes effortless over time and signifies who you are.

CF: What’s your advice for those Fashionistas on a budget?

JF: I definitely have an extremely tight budget and always wait for things to go on sale and never buy full-priced items. I’m always happier when making purchases that save me 50 percent off from original prices.

CF: Why is fashion important to you and how does it impact your daily life?

JF: Fashion has always been a huge part of my life ever since I was young. I am a huge fan of the CFDA because of how focused they are to support young emerging designers in the global economy and it gives me hope to someday make a name for myself and share my creativity with others who are also passionate about fashion. Fashion is something I think about when I wake up every morning and when I go to bed.

How To: To recreate this Fashionista’s fun, easy to wear in the rain outfit you should start off by wearing a white button-down shirt from J.Crew. Opt for creamy-colored jeans from Gap and DSW oxfords. If you want to add a really good basic to your closet, save some money up and buy yourself a nice white leather jacket from True Religion.


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