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While the winter months leave some students with a restrained wardrobe, it gives others motivation to express themselves even more. After all, sometimes simplicity is key when it comes to expressing ourselves in terms of clothing, accessories and shoes. When it comes to spotting Fashionistas on campus, I was intrigued by the way this Fashionista chose to incorporate simple trends into her own unique style to prove that dressing in the winter is a challenge any Fashionista can endure.

Name: Jennifer Park

Year: Junior

Major: Psychology

CollegeFashionista: What has always been a trend that has never gone out of style to you?

Jennifer Park: I think dressing according to how you feel is a trend that has never and will never go out of style. To many, fashion is an art and how you want the world to see you so dressing to match who you want to be that day is extremely important.

CF: What are your tricks to dress up for class on a campus as big as Penn State?

JP: Luckily, with a campus so big, it is easy to stand out even in the simplest of clothing. I think a few eye-catching layers or accessories are key to make a statement that isn’t necessarily loud like wearing tights with a tunic instead of jeans. Little changes in your outfit can make a big difference I have learned.

CF: What do you like most about your outfit?

JP: I love wearing this headband because it was given to me as a gift from one of my friends. It’s such an easy way to pull myself and my outfit together and I like how unique it is.

CF: How can other Fashionistas dress chic even in this wintery weather?

JP: I think it’s important to dress in layers and to wear a couple pieces that stand out. It is a lot easier than people think to look nice for class just by accessorizing. I think accessories are key, especially in the winter when your outfit revolves around staying warm.

How To: Challenge mother nature by not being afraid to express yourself even in the winter!  Beat the status quo by throwing on a pair of tights. Contrary to popular belief, tights can be a warm alternative to jeans or leggings, especially fleece-lined leggings from Urban Outfitters found here. This Fashionista donned them with boots, but feel free to rock them with Converse or a great pair of booties if that’s more your style. Mix and match your accessories using a similar color palette. And what could be better than wearing a fun headband and not having to worry about your hair that day? The best part about this outfit is its flexibility and versatility. Throw on a pair of heels, some lipstick and add a fun clutch and you’re ready for a fun night out with your friends in celebration of finishing midterms!


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