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As I spent this past winter break, traveling from home to home in Colombia visiting family, but I still managed to spot some awesome Fashionistas abroad. Although Colombia is a whole other continent away, the style at this exotic country is much like the style and trends of the United States. This Fashionista completely caught my attention with her very print leggings that added much detail to her style.  The punky, grungy, and busy characteristics of the city were very well represented throughout this outfit.

Name: Jennifer Barbosa

Major: Law

 Year: Junior


CollegeFashionista: What inspired your look today?

JB: I have always loved very grungy looks. Not all dark colors all the time, but I love adding mystery to my look. In Bogota, Colombia you either walk everywhere or take a taxi, so I chose to wear my new black combat boots that are also stylish in the United States.

CollegeFashionista: Is there any part of this outfit that you love the most?

JB: Of course the leggings! I often don’t like bringing much attention to myself, but these leggings are really eye-catchers. These types of leggings aren’t always in style, so you have to really wear them as much as possible when they are in style.

CollegeFashionista: The weather in Bogota varies a lot from day to day. How do you keep up with the changes?

JB: I always carry a cardigan with me. You can be wearing a simple or pretty sure in the morning when it is warm and then as soon as it turns chilly, I put on a cardigan

CollegeFashionista: What is one thing you have to wear everyday?

JB: My bracelets. They mean the world to me! All of the bracelets that I wear have been given to me by different people. Every time that I look down at my bracelets, they remind me of the person who gave them to me.

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