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There are some things I’m good at. I can bake a scrumptious pumpkin pie, rap any Kendrick Lamar song to near-perfection and seek out the best online bargains (check out this beautiful and affordable crimson bucket bag I scored from Zara the other day). However, I cannot thrift for the life of me. Nor can I bear to wear tights in the winter. Maybe my legs are extra sensitive to the plunging temperatures. And no offense to Macklemore, but I just haven’t caught on to the whole “thrift shop” trend. So, I was intrigued by how this Fashionista mixed her vintage treasures with current pieces to create an ensemble that was a mini tribute to the look of the ’80s and ’90s.

The thought of wearing tights in the winter is enough to make me shiver, but this Fashionista bravely does just that with her patterned tights, which she cleverly layered with a pair of nude nylon tights underneath, paired with a pleather mini skirt. As if that wasn’t bold enough, she layers her basic pieces with what has got to be the best, oversized plaid blazer I’ve ever laid my eyes on. The blazer, with its color, structure and shoulder pads, breathes life into this outfit.  She tops it all off with versatile, yet neutral accessories that allow the blazer to be the main act of the show.

Name: Jasmine Ferrell

Major: Journalism

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Jasmine Ferrell: Today, I’m wearing a thrifted blazer, a crop turtleneck from H&M, a pleather skirt from Forever 21, a hat from Nine West and a pair of shoes that are Chinese Laundry but were also thrifted.

CF: Why do you like to thrift?

JF: To be frank, it’s the cheapest way to shop and although it may seem counter-intuitive, it’s the best way to find quality clothes on a budget. Vintage clothes were constructed a different way that was meant to last, and it’s not unheard of to find some well-established, high-end brands while thrifting. Plus, it’s just so satisfying.

CF: How do you dress for the weather?

JF: It’s all about strategic layering and a bit of sacrifice. I made sure to wear nylons under the fishnet-ish tights. It’s all about knowing what you’re doing for the day. For instance, if it’s cold and I know I won’t actually be outside that much, I’ll throw on some short-shorts, but I’ll be sure to wear tights and over the knee socks underneath.

CF: How has your style evolved over the years?

JF: I’ve always had slightly eccentric fashion taste, but it’s difficult to really map why I wore what I wore through the years. So much of it seems impulsive, and maybe that’s all there is to it. Even just this past year, I’ve seen my fashion changing from the ’90s grunge to a more polished ’80s look, but I couldn’t tell you why. It’s this steady metamorphosis that I don’t even see happening until after the fact, when shoulder pads are taking over my closet.

CF: What/who would you consider your style inspiration?

JF: I feel it’s the clothes themselves that inspire me. The material and the hidden architecture of their construction fascinate me. I try to refrain from chaining myself to too many trends and just let the clothes fall into my lap. I also think that even my body serves as an inspiration, as vain as that may sound. As you learn what really works for your body, it gives you the confidence to really push those limits with a new silhouette or what have you.

How To: The beauty about this ensemble is the versatility of its pieces. You can recreate this same outfit for the spring by ditching the tights and opting for a sleeveless, cropped white turtleneck and pair it with an edgy leather skirt. As for the blazer, you don’t necessarily have to resort to plaid, but any patterned oversized blazer that catches your eye will do the trick. Although florals sound cliché in the spring, the juxtaposition with the leather would make the outfit all the more aesthetically appealing. Anchor the whole outfit with black accessories such as these black boots, a black handbag and a black hat, whether it’s a panama hat or a beanie. Either way, as Drake says: “You do you.”


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