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Creativity resides in unexpected combinations. Classic, baggy and grunge styles are all contrasting pairs that make unique head-turning outfits. One of my favorite yin-yang looks blends two themes: hot and cold. This crochet and lace combination paired with fur and a sweater makes nose numbing temperatures a little more bearable.

Name: Jane Budnyk

Major: Journalism and Visual Communications

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What do you think your wardrobe needs most at this moment?

Jane Budnyk: Right now, I think my wardrobe needs more sweaters and long sleeved flowy blouses. I am from Florida, so I’m a little low on both.

 CF: Where do you like to shop in Chicago?

JB:  My favorite stores to shop in Chicago are the ones with the best deals. Since I am a college student, I tend to shop online often. So if I do go out shopping, it’s usually at a Top Shop blow out sale, Nordstrom Rack, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 or the many thrift stores Chicago has to offer! I like to look for original pieces at these stores, things that I’ve never seen on anyone else.

 CF: Does going to a school so close to major shopping and stores ever distract you? If so, how?

JB: It totally does! I tend to go into Top Shop, Urban Outfitters and Lush and end up lingering. I usually end up buying multiple items—a lot of the time those items are socks… 

CF: How would you sum up your style?

JB: My style is kind of all over the place, but I like to think of myself as boho chic. In Florida, I wear lots of maxi dresses and linen pants, it’s fun to develop a new style for the cold weather. I even wear a lot of men’s clothing too. I think men’s flannels and jackets look super cute paired with leggings and cute boots. It’s fun to play around, but my main focus is staying comfortable!

How To: It’s possible to sprinkle a little bohemian flare into icy-cold weather attire. To get Jane’s laid back look, focus on solid colors with varying textures. The coat’s deep navy serves as a great staple piece in a Chicagoan’s wardrobe because it’s neutral and down filled. Her skinny jeans are perfect for layering leggings in below zero temperatures and the combat boots add a tinge of grunge to an arctic day.


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