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Christmas? Check. New Years? Check. The time for snow has come, gone and possibly even overstayed its welcome. By now, waking up and putting on layer after layer of clothing has grown old. Times like these make personal style difficult, but not impossible. This outfit stands as a testament to that. It takes a feminine twist on army and biker trends, looks warm and allows schoolwork to stay a priority.

Name: Jade Anderson

Major: Journalism

Year in School: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How do you normally pick out what to wear in the morning?

Jade Anderson: I choose my outfits based on my mood and what the weather is like before class.

CF: If you go shopping on any given day what are you most likely to buy?

JA: If I go shopping, I am likely to buy a variety of accessories like necklaces and earrings, but recently, I’ve been getting lots of gloves and scarves!

CF: What is your favorite season to dress for and why?

JA: Summer is my absolute favorite season to dress for because there are so many options and different ways to wear things. One day I might wear a pink maxi dress and a blazer and the next I’ll wear high-waisted shorts and gladiator sandals.

CF: What celebrities inspire the way you dress, if any?

JA: I think I have a pretty individual sense of style, but I’d have to say Gabrielle Union always looks so polished and put together.

How To: Mixing textures will add a contrasting touch to most all ensembles. To recreate Jade’s look, focus on blending leather and fabric together in a jacket or leggings. Then, hone in on accessories, like a  chunky scarf or crotchet head wrap to stay warm. This outfit works for the everyday student because it incorporates practical pieces like the black and white laptop bag for scholarly and social occasions. After all, you are in college to learn, but there’s no harm in looking good while doing it.


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