FASHIONISTA SPOTLIGHT: Jacqueline Storr-Nelson

Fashionista Spotlight

This week’s Fashionista takes a colorful twist on the camo trend. While many turn toward deep greens and dark tones, this Fashionista rocks a jacket with bright greens and, light browns and tan. There’s a reason most of my posts include Fashionistas wearing color: It sticks out in a crowd. Yes, black may be considered “sleek” and “daring” in the fashion world, but in the real world, it blends in and goes unnoticed. This Fashionista does not fail to impress, with her bright red toque and medium wash boyfriend jeans, while still keeping her accessories neutral. A black backpack, watch and leather boots keep the look grounded without being overpowering.

Name: Jacqueline Storr-Nelson

Program: Creative Industries

Year: Freshman

CF: What are you wearing today?

JS: Today I’m wearing a bag from Herschel; a jacket from Urban Outfitters, which is actually adidas; a shirt from Aritzia; and a sweater from Value Village. Also, old jeans and Value Village shoes.

CF: Where and who do you look for style inspiration?

JS: Lately, I’ve been looking at Vashtie and I’ve been looking at Rihanna, too.                                       

CF: What do you think your next big splurge will be?

JS: I’m not sure. I have to save my money right now. Probably winter boots, I need [them]. I was thinking of Frye, very expensive.

CF: Do brand names influence your buying tendencies?

JS: Yeah, they do because I know what they can produce if I know their brand. So it definitely does, just not all the time.

CF: How would you say your styles changing from fall to winter?

JS: I’m dressing more grungy and relaxed, rather than [in the fall] I was looking cuter and more put together. Now I’m just turning into a comfortable dresser. 

Hint: Copy this grungy look by finding some key comfortable items. Like this Fashionista, you don’t always have to break the bank on items. Hit up pre-loved stores, such as Value Village and independently owned consignment stores. Start out with an oversized jacket in a color or print other than black. Throw on a pair of loose-fitting boyfriend jeans and some black leather boots over fuzzy black socks. Top it all off with a bright beanie and a loosely structured backpack.


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