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If there is one article of clothing that makes me feel like a princess, it is the high-low skirt. The asymmetrical hemline allows the skirt to flow behind me as I am walking and I know that no Disney princess will ever compare. I do not need a twelve o’clock deadline or a fairy godmother to make me feel beautiful and neither does this Fashionista. But I will still take those glass slippers. Even though the weather is kinda chilly over here in Florida, this Fashionista is sporting a bright colored high-low skirt to brighten up her surroundings.

Name: Imara Manning

Major: Biology

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing and where did you get it from?

Imara Manning: I got this skirt from Forever 21 and this shirt from H&M. The shoes are from Forever 21.

CF: Is Forever 21 your favorite store to shop at?

IM: H&M is my favorite store. I just like their style of clothing and you can find good stuff for cheap.

CF: What did you wear for New Years Eve?

IM: I had to work New Years Eve at a club and I bought this dress from Nordstrom. I feel like you should just pop it out since it was New Years.

CF: What are some fashion resolutions for the New Year?

IM: I want to start wearing dark colors. I wear a lot of bright colors. So, if I start wearing all black some days I would do it. I know it’s different because usually I am all colorful.

How To: I love how versatile this look can be. For a casual look, grab a flannel shirt and tuck it into a solid colored high-low skirt. Next, just add a skinny belt to pull the look together. If you want to try what this Fashionista did, just tuck in an Aztec printed tank top instead. Then, add a leather jacket for that extra edgy layer. Accessorize this trend with sneakers and a slouchy beanie or the perfect floppy hat for a bohemian look. Whether you want to call it the mullet, waterfall or the asymmetrical skirt, every Fashionista needs to have it in her closet.


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