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What’s the new modern? What is our contemporary? What is our generation’s fashion zeitgeist?

There is a long-standing belief that “the more things change, the more they stay the same;” fashion seems to follow these rules…for the most part. Trends are reoccurring and cyclical. What was old is new again but with a twist. Each generation puts their own marker on these trends, so what is the millenial’s take on the traditional? This Fashionista’s outfit argues that it’s the rebel: toying with the norms of what things are supposed to be. Playing with proportions, an oversized classic white button-down atop a slightly shorter and tighter dress, that she paired perfectly with the grunge classic, Dr. Martens exemplifies our modern rebel.

Name: Ia Tserodze

Year: First-Year

Major: Undeclared

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Ia Tserodze: I’m wearing a Forever 21 dress, H&M shirt, Dr. Martens and a Marc Jacobs watch.

CF: What would you describe your style as?

IT: I would say my style is casual, but I like to put effort into my clothing every time I go out or go to an 8 a.m. class! I just feel more comfortable when I’m dressed well. I like to dress casual, but not look like I just woke up and ran to class in my pajamas! I like to be well-mannered when I talk and present myself, and I think the first thing people notice is clothing and hairstyle. So casual, but not effortless casual!

CF: What influences what you wear?

IT: Weather! I love to oppose weather, sort of provoke it. Whenever it is snowing or raining, all I see are people in black or dark colors, so I like to wear a bright blue earring or neon sweater. I want to tell weather that they are not the ruler of me!

CF: Who are your fashion inspirations?

IT: My mom and aunt also inspired me, because no matter how early they had to be ready they always had to be dressed well. They taught me to always present myself, but my style is all mine!

How To: Being a rebel is all about creating a new take on an old look. Instead of the traditional top, this top is a completely new silhouette but retains the delicate essence of a blouse. This skirt is a fresh take on the pleated skirt by being a faux leather. Finally, some creepers  that is a hybrid of a loafer and sneaker to finish off the perfect rebel look.


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