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As the runways of New York, Paris and Milan showcase the creation and reinterpretation of monumental fashion, each season the new black takes its place as the pinnacle of twenty-first century style. From snakeskin to the redefined tweed jacket, the initial prominence of the trend is widespread, but the phenomenon of the new black seems to dwindle rather quickly each season. How come? Perhaps because confidence is the permanent black. It is the timeless quality that can make a idiosyncratic get-up look like haute couture, whether it be animal print or faux leather, you make it the new black simply by believing you look fabulous.

With that in mind, I spotted this Fashionista ambling the streets; it was her vivid style amongst the sea of bulky jackets that caught my eye. She assertively debuted a fawn colored overcoat, its wide lapels draped over her shoulders, coordinated with sheer black tights and a quirky pair of heeled combat boots. Mixing her sophisticated jacket with an army knit with leather pockets and topping it off with a swanky Bvlgari-esque bracelet, this Fashionista proves that a fusion of individual style, color and poise can make for an impressive ensemble.

Name: Hiraa Tariq

Major: Film and Cinema Studies

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: You really caught my eye with your outfit. Tell me what inspired you today?

Hiraa Tariq: When the sun emerges, its only fair that we welcome our dear old friend. As the snow melted outside my window, I knew today wasn’t one of those head-to-toe all black days, so I decided to change it up! I love this Zara coat because of its light color and its uncommon design. Since I layered up on the top, I thought the sheer tights would accentuate the weight of the outfit! I love to wear dark colors but I also love to use bold colors to make a plain outfit stand out, my red bag and turtle shell sunglasses, for example. My style really is about mixing and matching to suit the weather and how I feel when I wake up in the morning!

CF: In spite of the season, what’s your staple item that you cannot live without and never have too many of?

HT: Graphic T-shirts! I’m actually wearing one underneath my cardigan! They work so well in the summer and the winter, I love layering them and they give a really effortless chic vibe! And of course, what girl can live without a little black dress! Have on a fitted black dress for a job interview or don it on a night out! 

CF: University of Toronto is a city campus. Do you think it is hard to dress up because the distances between each location are quite large? How do you deal with this?

HT: Yeah, running between classes in heeled boots can definitely be a pain, but if they go well with an outfit, it’s worth it! And as for dressing up in tights and dresses, I just try and speed walk from class to class and often it works out!

CF: What winter trend is one of your least worn?

HT: Honestly, it’s covering my head. Today, I’m wearing this hat for the first time. I didn’t really know how to wear it, but with these winds, I thought it was work the risk and I hope I made it work! 

How To: Love this look? Choose a similar coat in a shade that you are comfortable wearing on a daily basis and complement it with either a bright, chunky knit or substitute that for a graphic sweatshirt. This Fashionista accessorizes with simplistic jewelery, instead of gold, perhaps test out a silver geometric necklace and if you’re feeling like your outfit looks a bit bland, substitute the plain tights for these cute polka-dotted ones. This outfit is all about having your coat as your center piece and layering and accessorizing around it. Don’t be afraid to try bolder colors and more tribal/vintage jewelery!


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