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Dressing for class is an art form. You can either look like you belong on a red carpet or like you just rolled out of bed—you would probably wind up sporting a toga with your bed sheets if it was the latter. There is a fine line between being overdressed and underdressed. This Fashionista achieves a balance by creating an ensemble that embodies both comfort and style.

The plaid skirt has transformed from that of a basic piece of the school girl uniform to the necessary pop of color and pattern that juxtaposes the neutrals. I love how the femininity of the skirt is downplayed with the layering of the cropped sweater and button-down, adding a touch of menswear fashion. Add Dr. Martens into the picture and the outfit is automatically and effortlessly downtown cool. Getting ready for class never seemed so easy until now.

Name: Helen Pena

Year: Sophomore

Major: Advertising

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Helen Pena: My style is hard to describe, considering that it’s always changing since I’m always experimenting with new things and trying to keep things fresh.

CF: Why did you start blogging?

HP: I have wanted to start a fashion blog since fashion bloggers like Tavi Gevinson (from Style Rookie) and Jane Aldridge (from Sea of Shoes) first came onto the limelight. That was around freshman year of high school. I never thought I had the courage or the resources (mostly a limitless bank account) to actually follow through with a successful blog. I followed bloggers and dreamed of it until last summer I decided I was done fantasizing and just took a leap of faith!  

CF: What advice would you give to someone who wants to start his or her own blog?

HP: Just do it. Don’t be afraid. Your closet will never be perfect enough and your photographs will never be flawless. The only way to make your way there is by taking that leap of faith and learning from your mistakes along the way. Also make sure that if you’re going to start, follow through with it. Try to come up with a posting schedule so that you have personal deadlines for yourself.

CF: What is a trend you are willing to try this year and showcase on your blog?

HP: Pastels! I’m obsessed with them at the moment. They were a huge trend for the winter and I couldn’t be happier that the trend has remained for the spring! I specifically picture myself wearing a soft pink, or sky blue in the near future.

How To: Look into your wardrobe, and I’m certain you already have the following pieces: a white button-down, a plaid skirt, a cropped sweater, a peacoat and a pair of combat boots. The beauty about this ensemble is there are no intricacies involved. These are simple basics that you can layer and mix-and-match with to accumulate a semester’s worth of outfits.


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