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The recent weather in West Lafayette has been nothing short of dreadful. The never ending drizzle, mixed with the constant coverage of gray clouds, is enough to make Fashionistas want to bury themselves under a stack of blankets and never go outside again. I found this Fashionista, who is from Norway, outside of the Purdue Memorial Union, looking bundled in a chic all-black ensemble with just a dash of color.

Name: Hannah Ronhovde

Major: Psychology

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Who, or what, do you look to for style inspiration?

Hannah Ronhovde: Fashion blogs at home in Norway is a huge thing, so I read a lot of blogs from home, especially Scandinavian ones. Angela Blick, Elin Kling, Cath in the City and Livingdoll are some of my most favorites. Brands such as Acne, BLK DNM and Zara are definitely my type of style. I’m not a colorful person–my closet usually consists of black, grey, green, nude and other boring solid colors. Besides that, any street style page is definitely an inspiration and I also really enjoy wasting time on Polyvore.

CF: If you could hire any designer to create a whole wardrobe for you, who would it be?

HR: Oh that is a tough one! I’m kind of in-between Derek Lam and Johan Lindeberg, under his new brand: BLK DNM. Those are two completely different designers, but they both are super minimalistic with sleek plain lines and colors, which I love. So I’d say a combination of those two!

CF: Do you have any fashion pet peeves?

HR: A lot! For girls: white socks with flats, kitten heels, chipped nail polish, The North Face jackets and girls who wear leggings with a sweater that’s too short. I hate when guys wear socks with their slippers. Why wear slippers anyway? Also, jeans that are not fitted, like wide leg, or that are not skinny or straight leg jeans. Pretty much anything that is not properly fitted on guys just looks bad.

CF: Is there a certain city or country that you think has great style?

HR: Well no city does it like New York, but Stockholm has a good mix of people with great style. I love looking at the blog Stockholm Streetstyle.

How To: Stay sleek and warm in all-black, like Hannah does, with a cozy knit sweater and a pair of black jeans. Finish the look with a leather jacket and an infinity scarf to add a hint of color. Do you want to see inspiration from other Fashionistas around the world? Try checking out various personal style blogs. While there is a sea of famous bloggers out there, I like to find and follow bloggers that might not be as well known but have style similar to my own. Some of my favorites are Julie Sarinana of Sincerely Jules, Marianna Vuorela of Mariannan, Lisa Olssen of Lisaplace, Nicola Kirkbride of NICOLA CLAIRE and India Rose of indiaroseblog.


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