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When dressing for winter people tend to look to darker colors, blacks, grays and browns. These colors are safe and good in the winter; they go with the colder temperatures and harsher climates. We shouldn’t, however, forget the spring and summer color schemes. Winter whites and soft pastels can look delicate and fresh in a sea of dark shades. A soft purple will pop against a navy peacoat and ivory contrasts nicely with black for a classic look. It is true that darker colors are always sophisticated. An all-black ensemble is the easiest outfit to wear and still looks amazing, but I urge you in the future to look to other colors schemes, particularly lighter ones. In one step, you can brighten your winter wardrobe and daydream about summer purchases!

Name: Hannah Robinson

Major: Political Science and French

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing and where is it from?

Hannah Robinson: I am wearing an Anthropologie blouse and infinity scarf, a J.Crew skirt, Gap brown flats and am holding my new Barbour jacket (my best investment yet!). I also have on my favorite Lilly and Laura bracelets and a pearl bracelet I designed at my parents’ jewelry business.

CF: How would you describe your style?

HR: I love mixing and matching artsy, hippie-style and preppy pieces, so I usually shop in the Anthropologie sale room, Free People and J.Crew. When I am home, though, my best friends and I find great items, like old, men’s, plaid T-shirts and cut-off shorts, at local vintage and thrift stores.

CF: What is your favorite item in your closet?

HR: One of my favorite items in my closest is my pair of Chacos, which I have had for seven years but still wear all summer long.

CF: What are some of your favorite trends for the fall?

HR: I am all about comfort in the fall, so I love all the cuddly sweatshirts coming out that have feminine features like lace trim or silk backs. I also like the military-inspired lace up boots and am still on the search for the perfect pair.

CF: What is next on your shopping list?

HR: Next on my shopping list is a sparkly dress for New Year’s Eve that I can pair with red lips!

How To: To replicate this Fashionista’s light winter look, start with a simple pastel skirt in a soft blue or pink. Next, add a cream or ivory sweater. Pair this with simple flats or patterned flats; either would pop against the lighter colors of the outfit. To add more detail, throw on a scarf in some brighter shades. Finish with simple jewelry and a darker winter coat!

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