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I always look up to those that can truly embrace color in fashion. Personally, I adore black and white pieces, and when I think about color I literally think grey or beige. This Fashionista combines the element of color with a simple sophistication. She wears a funky pair of tribal pants that she actually purchased on her trip to Africa (LOVE the print), with a comfortable T-shirt in teal and a unique assortment of accessories. She wears a nude ballet flats to keep her outfit casual and classy. Her bracelets are very bulky and colorful- which add the perfect amount of color to her outfit. She also wears a layered pearl necklace to add some of that Audrey Hepburn elegance.

Name: Hannah Noffert

Major: Fashion Design

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style in three words? 

Hannah Noffert: Colorful, sophisticated and plenty of accessories.

CF: Who would you say your biggest style icon is? 

HN: Definitely Audrey Hepburn. Not only does she embrace simple sophistication, but I absolutely love her modern elegance.

CF: As a fashion design major, what would you say your design aesthetic is? 

HN: I am very editorial driven when designing. I want my clothes to be wearable and ready-to-wear. My silhouettes are simple and clean. For my senior collection, I am working on a series of looks that embrace tailored pieces. I want to create a collection that consists of “menswear for women”.

How To: I’ve always wanted to purchase a pair of awesome tribal pants- I mean they look so unbelievably sassy and comfortable, who wouldn’t love them? They work for any occasion, and can always be dressed up or down. A simple T-shirt is always something everyone should have in their closet, in a variety of different colors and styles. The T-shirt works great with the tribal pants because it balances things out. No one wants to walk out in public in too much pattern or print- things just get scary then.


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