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The world of fashion is always evolving with different styles that fade in and out of our lives, and there is no shortage of horseplay when it comes to the equestrian style. This style came onto the fashion scene during New York Fashion week in 2012 and with 2014 being the year of the horse, I do not see it backing out any time soon. From Ralph Lauren to Dior to Hermés, these designers are not shy when it comes to showcasing equine inspired looks. When I saw this Fashionista on her city stroll, I had to capture her look because she had the equestrian look down to a tee, with even her boots having decorative spurs around the heels.

Name: Hanna Powell

Major: Retail and Consumer Science

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What was the motive behind your outfit today?

Hanna Powell: I had a super long day so I wanted to be comfortable, yet stylish. I chose to go with a classic prep look.

CF: What stores in Knoxville do you frequent to find your favorite fashion trends?

HP: I shop mostly at Forever 21, Banana Republic, Belk and Serendipity. 

CF: Where do you look for style inspiration?

HP: I find a lot of my outfit ideas on Pinterest. 

CF: Who are a few of your favorite designers and why?

HP: Lilly Pulitzer is my absolute favorite. I love all the bold prints and patterns with the girly silhouettes. I also wear a lot of Ralph Lauren. Both designers are classic and preppy.

How To: In order to recreate this designer inspired ensemble, you must start with the monochromatic basics: the bag, the pants and the coat. Longchamp has great bags for the college Fashionistas who are anti-backpack and they come in a variety of colors. As Fashionistas/os, we love a little twist on a classic, and these khaki jeans are perfect when you have had enough of blue denim days. The Burberry inspired coat is perfect for layering on the long hauls to and from classes. The blouse is where you can cater to your style. This button-down has a little added sparkle to make it not so basic. Finishing off this look with a pair of riding boots and simple accessories will give you a catalog inspired look straight from the saddle.


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