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The excitement for spring and summer has really taken off here in Binghamton. Students are craving to wear skirts and shorts even if it’s slightly warm out. This spirit is all around and people can’t help but feel happy for the school year to be over. This Fashionista is overly enthused for the nice weather and can’t wait to accessorize and dress up for the warmth.

Name: Hallie Erlich

Major: Business Management

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Hallie Erlich: My style is very girly. I like to dress colorfully and have fun with what I wear. I like to travel and get jewelry from where I travel. I love to accessorize and just feel feminine.

CF: What’s your favorite spring trend?

HE: I really like high-waisted patterned skirts and shorts. I love skirts, because they are so girly and wearing them gets me excited for the warmer weather!

CF: Describe your approach to shopping.

HE: I love to buy clothes when I travel because they are so unique and different than whatever anyone else is wearing. I look for things that attract my eye, and I like to find clothes that will go with other apparel that I own.

CF: How has being a college student influenced your style?

HE: I like that I live on such a diverse campus, because I’m able to see so many different styles and can appreciate everyone being so unique.

How To: It’s so exciting making that first shopping trip for spring clothes. There are so many different looks to pull off; the possibilities are endless! This year it’s all about colors and prints. Don’t be afraid to go crazy in the color department. Have fun with it! This Fashionista loves to look at what’s fashionable and then adapt to her own personality and style. To accomplish a similar look first start off with the perfect spring skirt. High-waisted skirts are timeless. To find one similar, check out Urban Outfitters. The next step is finding the perfect shirt to match. When wearing color be cautious to not over do it. If you have a patterned shirt, match with a simple top, that way you don’t take away from the skirt. A crop top is great to pair with a high- waisted skirt. Crop tops have been in and are still in for this summer and spring season. Showing just a little midriff makes the outfit classy, yet chic. Look for ones at TOBI. The last part of the outfit is adding that little bit off sparkle. A long necklace layered necklace is the perfect touch to the outfit. The flowered necklace that this Fashionista is wearing is great for the spring! Forever 21 has a great selection of flowered necklaces.


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