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With most students vacationing in the tropics or home for the week to catch up on some well deserved sleep, Canada’s reading week casts a silence over campus and an emptiness over our crowded streets. Regardless, with March around the corner and the assignments piling up, the library is the one destination that nearly every student is bound to visit.

From her minimalistic jewelry to her bold sunglasses, this Fashionista intertwined her monochromatic outfit with her eye catching jacket, and pulled off an effortless look perfect for a day spent between the shelves.

Name: Haidita Celestine

Major: Philosophy

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: You pull off this look so effortlessly! Where is everything from?

Haidita Celestine: My winter jacket is Rudsak, the sweater is from Club Monaco and the cardigan from Aritzia. My trousers, handbag and toque are all from Zara and my boots from Vince Camuto.

CF: So Haidita, how would you describe your outfit? Does it reflect your personal style?

HC: I would say this outfit is easy yet put together. After an all-nighter, it is tempting to wear sweatpants and UGGs but I try to maintain my style especially during the winter. I think it does reflect my style to an extent because I like to stick to basic pieces. I generally try to find the balance between preppy and chic — so basically, I would pair a J.Crew sweater with a Gap collared shirt and a classic pair of trousers. 

CF: So were you inspired to look a certain way today?

HC: Actually, I was! My outfit today was inspired by an article I read in GQ Magazine about how a chic black ensemble has been the uniform at New York Fashion Week! Unfortunately, since I have to be on campus studying rather than roaming the streets of New York City, I thought I would dress in tribute! PS: If you like preppy style, GQ Magazine is a must-read.

CF: Would you say you like to dress in a certain winter color palette?

HC: For sure! I prefer sticking to the darker shades such as the blacks, grays and navys along with denim! 

CF: What would you say is your favourite winter piece?

HC: I have to say, I love a good toque. I think it’s absolutely necessary to keep warm and stay trendy! Zara has mastered the fashionable yet affordable toque this winter!

CF: Would you say winter is your favourite season? If not, what is?

HC: I would definitely choose spring as my ideal season. I love the parade of beautiful light jackets and floral prints. I can’t wait to sport Club Monaco’s spring line.

How To: This simplistic outfit is all about layering and keeping it simple. Whilst most of the winter jackets nowadays come along with fur, if you want to add a little bit of extra sass with your beloved winter coat, complement it with a detachable fur lapel. If you want to go for something with a little more color, perhaps replace the black trousers for a plain burgundy or a checked pair of aubergine jeans. It may be snowing but why not choose to accessorize with a fabulous pair of sunnies! Try out these cat eye shades or invest long term in a pair of Michael Kors turtleshell sunglasses. This Fashionista shows that layering your key pieces can always work, so don’t be afraid to look simple. Less is more!


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