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Warm sunlight casts speckled leafy shadows on the sidewalk. A light breeze wisps my hair around, and I’m in sensory bliss as I scout for students today. I hint a little stress and confusion in the air, but nonetheless good energy. Most students are heading to their first classes of the semester. It’s a great day for learning, and even a little dip in the pool. I spy some beach towels peaking out of oversized tote bags. Maybe an after class tanning session? Alright, enough boasting about the benefits of attending school in beautiful Florida. As I was soaking up the sunlight, I spotted this Fashionista. I quickly realized that she is a gem of a Fashionista. In a short interview, I learned that she is an artist, musician, writer and stunt double! Not to mention a student with a full load of classes.


Name: Hadley Jordan

Major: Visual Journalism

Year: 2014


CollegeFashionista: So Hadley, tell me about your style.

Hadley Jordan: My style is boho chic. I usually gravitate to breezy tops, and long skirts.

CF: What colors do you gravitate to? Are you more likely to wear seasonal trending colors, or your personal favorites?

HJ: I usually wear earth tones such as browns, deep blues and greens. Lately, I have been wearing brighter colors like these blue shorts.

CF: Who are your style icons?

HJ: I actually don’t have any fashion icons! I am an artist, so I get most of my style inspiration for my environment.


How To: In recent posts I have stressed the simplicity of dressing. For those lazy college students out there, this is for you! Sometimes it’s easy to get locked into your favorite style (or era) and you end up wearing the same thing over and over again. Mastering the skill of versatility takes lots and lots of practice. I’d have to say it is one of the secrets of creating memorable outfits. Hadley is the perfect example of boho done right. Mixing modern items with vintage pieces helps you avoid looking like a blast from the past. Take a tip from Hadley and alter your color schemes. The shorts add a splash of cool blue that contrast the warm colors in her top. In the past couple of years, boho style has made a huge comeback and I think it is here to stay. So for those of you who are up for some flower power, say hello to commercial stores such as Billabong or PacSun. For those of you looking for local finds, hit the thrift stores. To imitate Hadley Jordan’s look, check out this blouse at Free People and these shorts from American Eagle.


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