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Winter is the season of the holidays but with the holidays comes a new wardrobe. (Well, at least where I’m from.) Since where I live it can get pretty cold, it’s hard to look trendy while having to be all bundled up. This week’s Fashionista manages to beat the cold winter months and let her true style shine through. This Fashionista has three must-have winter essentials that you can’t be caught without. This Fashionista is wearing denim jeans (a great way to stay warm during the cold winter months), which she paired with a simple black thick long sleeve shirt. Over the top, she wore a very much needed parka which goes great with the medium brown combat boots. This outfit would not be complete without its accessories. This Fashionista wore a brightly colored thick head warmer headband and socks that extend past the boot, and she added just a touch of femininity to her outfit with her thrifted gold chain necklace. These small touches really can change the overall look of any outfit. So next time you’re wearing something simple, always remember to accessorize.

Name: Genesis Hernandez

Major: Criminal Justice

Year: Freshman

College Fashionista: What are some items you look for when you go shopping?

Genesis Hernandez: When I shop I like to look for anything that stands out — that is unique but is also trendy.

CF: Who do you look to for fashion inspiration?

GH: It would have to be Lauren Conrad, her style is chic yet comfortable and that’s what I try to aim for.

CF: If you had to pick one, would you pick jewelry or purses?

GH: This is a tough question, but I would go with purses. I’m a girl and I have way to much stuff to not have a purse.

CF: When you get dressed, do you go for being comfortable or trendy?

GH: This just depends on my mood. If I have enough time to get ready I’ll try to look well put together and trendy. When I’m running late I just like to be comfortable.

CF: What is your number one fashion staple piece?

GH: Definitely would have to be purses, I can never have just one.

How To: Simplicity is the key to this Fashionista’s outfit. To recreate this look you must have a parka. Any color will be fine, but olive green seems to be very popular this season. Add a simple gold necklace for a little something extra, and of course we can’t forget about the combat boots, a must-have for this winter season.


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