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Prints are constantly evolving and debuting in different pieces of clothing. Forget about letting your printed top be the focal point of your outfit, and consider trying out printed bottoms. From floral to stripes, this trend is a fun way to spice up your outfit in an unconventional way. This week’s Fashionista is an expert at experimenting with new trends and knew exactly how to style her black and tan pants.

Name: Gaby Douglas

Major: Retailing and Consumer Sciences

Year: Freshman

Collegefashionista: How would you describe your style?

Gaby Douglas: I think I’m a little bit of everything. Somewhat feminine but at the same time edgy. I usually like to add a little spark to my outfit by wearing something different.

CF: Who is your celebrity style inspiration?

GD: I would say Alicia Keys because she dresses with a lot of class, and I always like to look classy. She always stays true to her sense of style and isn’t afraid to be different.

CF: What’s your favorite accessory?

GD: A necklace, because it’s the easiest way to dress up an outfit; you can never have too many necklaces!

CF: Spring is rapidly approaching. What are your favorite trends for spring?

GD: I  love floral printed dresses and sunglasses. I feel like sunglasses can change the personality of your outfit because of the variety of shapes they come in. If I’m feeling a little edgy I’ll throw on some aviators, or if i want a classic look, I’ll put on some rounder ones. Floral dresses are always perfect for spring because of their fun patterns.

CF: Do you feel as if your style has changed since you have gotten into college?

GD: Yes, I would say my style has greatly advanced. Coming on campus has exposed me to different trends and a different atmosphere. In high school everyone wears one look, but in college people are coming from all over so you can see different individual styles and looks. 

CF: What are your favorite stores to shop at?

GD: Mainly small boutiques. You find a lot of stuff that a lot of people don’t have in small stores. I like to stand out and find pieces that are different to add to my wardrobe.  

CF: What is a trend on campus you that can’t stand?

GD: When a girl wears denim shorts and UGGs. Especially when they wear them during the winter. It makes no sense to me and just looks tacky.

How to: Wear any printed pants with a solid colored top. Don’t overdo it with prints! Your outfit has to be balanced, and, if you do mix prints, you have to make sure that the patterns compliment each other. Add a statement necklace to dress up your plain top and make it more appealing. Add a chunky watch and bracelets to spice up your outfit like this Fashionista did. Add your favorite shoes or black wedges and you’re ready to hit the town.


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