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College is a pathway to the career of your dreams. On this pathway you evolve as you experience many different people, as well as obstacles and opportunities. Among these opportunities are interviews. I was lucky to catch this Fashionista on her way to an interview of her own, proudly overcoming the cold weather in her flawless outfit. This Fashionista was not afraid to be professional as well as fashionable. It can be stressful to begin your search for the perfect job, but a particular outfit can help you exude confidence and in turn, build strong relationships. Take note from this Fashionista with her patterned tights, skater skirt and powerful blazer.

Name: Gabriela Gomez

Major: International Business

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How has your style evolved throughout college?

Gabriela Gomez: When I first came to school I was into the typical jeans and nice top look. I realized shortly after that my colleagues weren’t afraid to express themselves through apparel. I began to experiment with different fabrics, colors and patterns. I am confident in what I put together nowadays, especially while wearing different fabrics and neutral colors.

CF: What is your favorite piece to wear to class?

GG:  As a business student, I have to dress business casual or professional most days. I have a pair of savvy, black skinny dress pants with leather trim. They match with anything and express character as well!

CF: When interviewing, how do you hope your personal style to be perceived? How do you think it can help you in landing a job?

GG: I hope that my personal style can reflect my person. While interviewing I want the employer to focus on me and my qualifications rather than my outfit. Keeping it simple with neutral colors and minimal accessories helps. Less is really more! 

CF: What is you favorite part of spring fashion?

GG: Bright colors and wedges! I love a nice sundress with my favorite pair of wedges. It’s always fun to mix and match.

CF: What are your ways on transitioning from fall to spring fashion?

GG: I personally like to wear some leather ankle cut-out boots paired with my jean jacket and a patterned flowy top, or a quaint sweater will do, too. Simple but makes a statement while being weather appropriate! 

How To: Tights are one of my favorite ways to add some flare in these cold seasons, especially when there are so many different styles to experiment with. Throw on your favorite skater skirt to add a feminine feel. Just as this Fashionista styled her look, I love to play with different textures such as leather or velour. Finish the look with a strong blazer and some classic accessories. For many occasions this outfit can be styled to give you confidence wherever your path takes you.


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