Fashionista Spotlight

You know that spring is here when you spot this Fashionista strutting around campus. Her bright and bold outfits are filled with colors and patterns that fit perfectly with her bright smile and peppy attitude. Her quirky looks and bold colors go hand in hand this spring as she prepares for the end of the semester.

Name: Eve Morin

Major: Elementary Education

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What is your favorite pattern for the spring?

Eve Morin: My favorite pattern is flowers and preferably anything brightly colored because I love colors. I feel like in spring, even if it isn’t warm outside, you can feel more springy if you wear bright colors and flowers.

CF: What are some of your favorite spring accessories?

EM: I love long necklaces to accessorize because they add color and substance to any solid top. Also my bright watch is my favorite accessory to wear all year.

CF: How do you incorporate color in to your outfits for spring?

EM: Again, I love colors so I try to incorporate them into every spring outfit. The brighter I look the better I feel most of the time.

How To: This outfit is really fun to recreate. Starting from the bottom, grab a pair of light colored Converse. Next, you can find a black pair of tights form Forever 21. High-waisted shorts are really in this season and you can pick up a pair at Urban Outfitters. Don’t forget to add a skinny brown belt with the shorts as well. Next find any colorful and bold top that you can tuck in to the shorts. This one from Tobi or this one from Forever 21 are two examples.


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