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Despite what movies like The Devil Wears Prada might have you believe, I’d bet my money that even the likes of magazine editors and fashion models opt for comfier clothing when it’s dark and gloomy outside. The Fashionista I spotted on this particular day, managed to look both comfortable and fashion forward even with rainy skies. While it’s easy to look outside on a stormy day and decide to throw on leggings and an old sweatshirt, this Fashionista proves that with a few tweaks of pieces I’m sure you already have, you can create a look that’s fit for both a dismal weather forecast and the likes of a street style page of Teen Vogue. If you don’t already own a flannel, I’d suggest you add it to the top of your shopping list. As this Fashionista noted in her interview, flannel shirts layered over band T-shirts have been around for decades. It’s the quintessential rocker look of musicians all around the world, but a fashion trend that is super adaptable to anyone’s style!

Name: Erin Morris

Major: Physical Educations

Year: Junior

College Fashionista: It’s not the best weather out today. What’s your trick for dressing for rainy weather?

Erin Morris: Rain boots, leggings, a cute T-shirt and maybe a nice pair of sunglasses.

CF: I love the band T-shirt you’re wearing now. Is that a style you wear often?

EM: Yeah. I really like rock music so I try to wear a lot of my favorite band’s T-shirts.

CF: Is there a certain rock musician whose style you love most?

EM: Um, I like Eddie Vedder a lot. He wears a lot of flannel T-shirts. He kind of started the whole thing, but no one realized it. He’s been doing it for like 30 years and now everyone is starting to wear them. I think it’s kind of funny (laughs).

CF: If you could only wear one thing from your closet for the rest of your life, what would it be?

EM: Probably sundresses, because they’re easy to put on and they’re comfortable. I’d probably throw on a maxi dress or hippie pants. I love high-waisted hippie pants.

CF: With your love of band T-shirts and “hippie pants,” what would be your advice to someone trying to rock that style?

EM: It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can find nice stuff for like $10 everywhere you just need to look in the right places.

How To: Next time you roll out of bed to a thunderstorm, a worn-in flannel, band T-shirt, leggings and combat boots, are all you’ll need to defend yourself from the rainy day blues. With hundreds of bands to choose from and a wide range of colored flannels, from bright blue to classic dark red, the layering possibilities are endless. Swap out black combat boots for a funky green color, or add a girly twist and grab an embellished band T-shirt. Whatever combination you choose be sure to rock it! 


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