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The first Monday of classes can be brutal. Thankfully, Franklin and Marshall started mid-way though the week, attempting to put off the “Monday Blues” as long as possible. However, Mondays, like classes in a college student’s life, are inevitable. The only thing you can do is put your best foot forward and make the most of it. Just ask this Fashionista who used the first day of a new week as an excuse to make the campus her own personal runway.

The first time I met this Fashionista, I was a mere baby “prosy,” or prospective F&M student. I was immediately obsessed with her style after we bonded over having the same Chanel aviators as we met up for smoothies during my visit. Fast-forward a year and a half later, and I am proud to not only call this Fashionista my fellow classmate, but sorority sister as well. This Fashionista’s outfit is the quintessential first-Monday-back-outfit, as it is equally structured and very fashionable, with a hint of academia with her scholarly satchel and toggle jacket.

Name: Emily Turitzin

Major: American Studies, Dance Minor

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What is your all time favorite article of clothing/accessory to date?

Emily Turitzin: A vintage Chanel navy and white houndstooth coat I got my junior year of high school.

CF: Upon first entering a clothing store, where do you immediately go?

ET: This really depends on the season. In the spring I have a fetish for white dresses but, in the winter I love neutral sweaters. But, I always start on the left side of a clothing store since most people start to the right.

CF: How has your style changed since being in college?

ET: Now that I’m in college I can be more serious with my clothing and wear something trendier, like a bootie with a little bit of a heel to class. I wear tights and skirts a lot more than in high school.

CF: Being a native New Yorker, how do you deal with such harsh winters?

ET: A serious must-have for harsh winters are fleece-lined tights. They’re made by a company called Plush and you can find them on Shopbop. I also buy hand and toe warmers from L.L.Bean. Also, it’s super important to remember that you need to take good care of your leather goods in the winter. Even after it snows, the salt used to prevent ice is really bad for leather boots. I own a really cute pair of Sorel boots that I wear to save my good leather for drier winter days.

How To: Step up your collegiate wardrobe by carrying your books in a chic “batchel,” a combination of a satchel and a briefcase! The shape makes it perfect for comfortably storing books and a laptop. For a more mature look, try adding tights to these boots with a wool jacket. If you’re looking to splurge, try some swoon-worthy, timeless, western-inspired Chanel boots that are the perfect addition to any wardrobe (OK.. maybe in my dreams).


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