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This Fashionista wears a classy coordinated outfit that is perfectly practical for a busy day and cold weather. Her camel brown coat from Madewell is great for layering and the hint of black on the fur collar allows the coat to match perfectly with the rest of her outfit. The color scheme of her outfit is extremely well put together. She is consistent with black and shades of brown that come together beautifully. Her outfit has different textures as well as a couple of patterns that give her overall look some diversity and further express her personality. This Fashionista’s accessories demonstrate her will to have fun with an outfit and play around with trends. She impressively rocks a hair scrunchie, emulating a youthful and fun side to her personality. Paired with her fun side, she wears very classy Audrey Hepburn sunglasses giving her outfit a little more flash and maturity. To tie her look together, she wears a natural bright pink lipstick, which is a perfect addition of color and a great reminder that spring is around the corner!

Name: Emily Sloan

Major: History

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Emily Sloan: I place a lot of importance on comfort, but I try not to dress too blandly. I wear a lot of oversized T-shirts and sweaters with leggings or tights and high socks. A good amount of my wardrobe consists of secondhand stuff and hand-me-down items from my mom or grandmother.

CF: What’s your favorite item in your closet right now? 

ES: I have two favorite items right now. One is a hot pink mini Furla Candy bag that I got for Christmas. It reminds me of the jelly shoes I wore as a kid and it’s an easy way to make an outfit seem more fun and colorful, especially for going out. Also, it’s pretty waterproof so rain and spilled drinks don’t ruin my stuff. My other favorite is a round-collared L.L.Bean denim T-shirt that used to be my mom’s. It’s perfect for layering and the wash is very versatile.

CF: Who is your style icon and why?

ES: There are so many people whose style I admire! But I think my style icon would have to be Angela Chase, Claire Danes’ character in My So-Called Life. She has such a perfect ’90s teenage angst look that in some ways influences the way I dress.

CF: What spring trend are you looking forward to most?

ES: I don’t think there’s anything better for warm weather than a classic pair of denim cut-off shorts. I guess jean shorts are more of a staple than a trend, but they’re definitely what I’m most looking forward to wearing this spring and summer.

How To: To create a look similar to this Fashionista’s, mix and match classic trends. Her sunglasses are a great addition of elegance and her scrunchie is an overall fun accessory. Even try a trend like Rosie the Riveter‘s head bandana. Using old trends as inspiration is a great way to be creative.


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