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Whether it’s classes and social life or part-time jobs and other extracurriculars, college life requires a lot of juggling. Just as the right balance in your personal time management makes for a more harmonious college experience, the right balance in an outfit can completely make it or break it. This week’s Fashionista balances the loose breeziness of her top with the well-fitted structure of her pants for a look that’s just right.

Name: Emily May

Major: Philosophy

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What inspires your style?

Emily May: I’m inspired by people I see walking around Chicago that I deem unique.

CF: Do you have any fashion icons?

EM: I’ve been told that I look like the lead singer from London Grammar, and so recently I’ve been obsessing over the unique thing she does to her hair and what she wears. But that’s like as of two days ago, so it’s new! Other than that, I don’t think there’s one person. It’s just sort of people walking around Wicker Park or Logan Square.

CF: So Chicago as a city has been influential, then?

EM: Yes, absolutely. 

CF: How long have you been around Chicago?

EM: 19 years.

CF: Have you been other places where you’ve really liked the local style, or is Chicago your main inspiration?

EM: Definitely New York, and also when I was in Ireland I thought the people were interesting. But Chicago is what I really know.

CF: Could you characterize what’s distinct about Chicago’s style scene?

EM: I think it’s probably true of all cities, but it seems to me that everyone’s fighting to be deemed “hipster,” but to be hipster you have to be distinctly unique. So I think Chicago is full of a bunch of people fighting to be unique and taking it a step further than the next person without pushing too far. I think it’s a competitive environment fashion-wise.

CF: Do you have favorite places to shop?

EM: Yes. For all of my accessories, I like to go to Wolfbait in Logan Square. Sort of stupidly, I like American Apparel. All of my shirts and jackets are from Village Discount or random thrift stores. Pants and undergarments I buy from retail stores. All shirts, shoes and accessories I try to thrift.

CF: Would you say there’s anything from your upbringing besides living in Chicago that’s had a huge impact on how you dress?

EM: My sister. She dresses incredibly. She loves things that are carefree and more loose-fitting.

How To: Tuck a breezy blouse into colored high-waisted skinny jeans. Add some cute oxford shoes and finish off with lots of vintage rings.


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