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One of the best parts about going to a university that has a top fashion school is all the different types of trends I get see throughout the day. Just by walking into the fashion building I can see anything from Classic Prep to Bohemian Chic — everyone rocks their own unique style. That’s when this Fashionista caught my eye. With her velvet soft leggings and awesome yellow and black scarf, I was experiencing a little fashion envy. I could just tell that this girl knows how to rock any outfit for any occasion.

Name: Emily Chumbler

Major/Minor: Fashion Merchandising/Marketing

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What is your favorite fashion trend right now?

Emily Chumbler: Of course I’m not wearing it now, but I have a thing for the midi skirts that flair out. I wear them all the time!

CF: What is your fashion sense inspired by?

EC: I’m often inspired by what music phase I’m going through. My boyfriend is in a band so I’m going through a sort of punk phase right now.

CF: What is your number one rule when going shopping?

EC: I used to have this habit of buying the same type thing every time I went shopping so now I ask myself if it’s a statement piece or if I can wear it more than one way.

CF: Where do you like to shop?

EC: Besides thrift shops, I love ASOS! My wardrobe is full of clothes from ASOS. I would absolutely love to work there someday.

How To: Recreate this Fashionista’s look in a few simple steps. Start with a pair of black velvet leggings and short black boots. Boots are the perfect shoes to wear in this weather because they are cute but also functional when it comes to walking around from class to class in the snow. Keep the all-black theme going with a black top and a leather jacket to keep warm with. Top it off with a scarf worn over the head like a hood to complete this stylish and fashion forward look.


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