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Right before running towards my dorm room to avoid the brisk cold weather, I spotted this Fashionista and the first thing I thought of was how jealous I am because she must be so warm under all her layers! This trendy student was on her way back from grabbing Starbucks on campus when I approached her. She was able to mix and match all of the top trending items of this season in one outfit: the classic plaid shirt, the ever-chic parka jacket, the faux fur vest and the Chelsea ankle booties. This Fashionista kept with the trends while being able to stay warm in the winter by layering up.


Name: Elizabeth Valle

Major: Animation

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: Who would you say you draw inspiration from?

Elizabeth Valle: Lately, I’ve grown to love Miley Cyrus’ grungy style and have tried repeatedly to imitate her.

CF: What is your go-to item?

EV: Definitely my favorite jean shirt! I’ve been wearing it non-stop lately!

CF: What is the one item you are obsessing over this season?

EV: Faux fur vest! They keep you so warm in the winter.

How To: Love your classic plaid shirts but want to make them stand out more? Try plaid shirts with jewels and studs embedded on them. You could even amp up your parka jacket as well with different fabrics.


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