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It’s no secret that a Fashionista’s tried and true key to comfort through long days and unpredictable weather is layering up. But invariably, every aspiring lady of layers finds herself conflicted over composition: do these pieces complement each other? Are there too many elements? And worse still, does this make me look fat? This week’s Fashionista layers on just the right amount of material and charm to create a calm and composed look before a major exam. Offsetting warm tones with cool hues and polka dots, she radiates energy with the snug yet classic and confident effect of a perfectly layered ensemble.

Name: Eliza Nagle

Major: Theology with minors in Italian and Economics

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Eliza Nagle: A polka dot silk top with ruffles layered under a gray wool crew neck sweater, my favorite tan blazer, a rose gold Michael Kors watch, pearls (of course) and cowboy boots!

CF: What were your style goals for 2013?

EN: For me as a student, my fashion philosophy is to put effort into my appearance for class as a sign of respect to the professor. Being dressed well helps me focus during class so I hope to continue this in Rome. Another goal is to pack well for studying abroad; with the tricky combination of functional and cute while fitting in everything for two different seasons in only two bags.

CF: How do you think going abroad this semester will affect your style?

EN: I will have to be more creative with mixing and matching with the limited options in my suitcase. I also hope to adopt European fashion into my style, maybe buy a leather jacket from Florence!

CF: What are your must-have items for traveling and living abroad?

EN: A fashionable and durable cross-body bag; I got this 3-in-1 bag from Stella & Dot after watching their style video. Tory Burch flats (very comfortable), fun-colored scarves and belts to accessorize, black skinny pants— because they are versatile and go with everything — and a black skirt for the discotecas. Pearls and my Notre Dame class ring are staples as well.

CF: Where do you find fashion inspiration?

EN: My sister, Jill, who rocks the sorority look, J.Crew and Pinterest.

How To: Layering is all about finding pieces that are different enough to be interesting but similar enough to make sense together. To avoid going overboard on patterns, prints and bold colors, pick one or two pieces that you want to stand out and build around those. For example, pair this bright yellow top blouse from the Equipment Resort 2013 collection with this floral navy-toned blazer from J.Crew’s new spring collection. Break up the dominant pieces with a simple sweater, as this Fashionista does here. Draw out the navy of the blazer with basic dark wash jeans or black pants. Add black boots, a gold Marc by Marc Jacobs watch and a glimmering necklace or strand of pearls to complete the look.


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