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As the fall season is coming to an end and the crisp of winter is being felt by all, Fashionistas are opting for less cardigans and headbands and for more peacoats and beanies. Although this Fashionista’s look is simple, these two winter must-haves are stylish and practical, especially during finals week.

Name: Edith M

Major: Health Science

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What do you love about fashion?

Edith M: That it is always changing. I love trying new styles and buying new clothes is a plus.

CF: Who do you like to shop with?

EM: I love shopping with my best friend because I can get an honest opinion as to how the clothing looks on me. Plus it’s always fun!

CF: What are your favorite things to wear in the fall/winter?

EM: The main items that I really love wearing during winter are my boots, big cozy scarves and beanies.

CF: What fall or winter trends do you like and dislike?

EM: I love the trend with big oversized sweaters, cute boots and dark red lipstick. It’s just one of my favorite things to wear. I’m not a big fan of the faux fur on jackets or clothing items because I don’t like the feeling of it.

How To: Begin with a winter staple, the peacoat. Peacoats are my favorite jacket during winter because they can easily be layered and are a great source of warmth. Nordstrom and Macy’s have several peacoats in a variety of styles and colors. Add a few basics, like a long sleeve or sweater to layer underneath the peacoat, a pair of jeans and an everyday school bag. Beanies and boots are two more winter essentials, which also come in a variety of styles and colors. If this look is too simple for your style, try adding an infinity scarf or trading the boots for a pair of ankle boots to elevate your look.


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