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On gorgeous days like the day I spotted this Fashionista, nothing beats sitting outside the Student Center. Not only is the area a beautiful place to sit and enjoy company of friends and to study, but one of my favorite things to do is people watch. Today was one of those days, and Ebonique just happened to be sitting near the fountain reading a book. Demonstrating that one can be noticed without having to pile on the accessories, this fashion student’s eccentric outfit is composed of only four pieces and reminds me of the ’90s hip-hop style that I absolutely love. With a fashion sense like hers, that’s all it takes!

Name: Ebonique Miller

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: So, could you please tell me where you managed to find all these unique pieces that you’re wearing today?

Ebonique Miller: I’m a big thrifter, so I got these pants from Goodwill and I tend to get my accessories from Forever 21; that’s where I got the boots. I actually won this shirt from a sponsor at a fashion show that I did in nearby Akron University. I got the necklace from Body Central.

CF: Can you describe your personal style?

EM: Out of the box, fun and creative. I like to try different patterns, mixing unconventional things together. For example, I’ll have this shirt on with cheetah print wedges or creepers and you know, I just wear things that I don’t think others would venture into.

CF: Where would you say you find inspiration from?

EM: I’d say I find inspiration from other people. I observe what they wear, then go and find something similar to it, but try to make it my own. I’d also have to definitely say music. Rihanna is one of my favorites, I love her style. It changes based on the type of song she wants to put out. And when Kendrick Lamar came here, I wanted to dress similar to how he usually does.

CF: What are you most excited for this summer, style wise?

EM: Sheer! and also metallics because I feel that they’re starting to make a comeback. I also really want to try hologram-like things, I’ve been seeing that a lot lately. I want to invest in a pair of Jeffrey Campbells, too.

CF: Blast from the past! What do you wish was popular again?

EM: Fanny packs! In bright eye-catching colors and in crazy patterns.

CF: What advice do you have for your peers when it comes to dressing for finals week?

EM: Be cute, but also comfy and hopefully ace all your exams!

How To: The replication of the outfit is so simple! Start with some simple lace-up boots, and if you’re unable to find a good pair of high-waist jeans in your local thrift shop, try these from Urban Outfitters. Pick the brightest shirt or crop top you own, and rock it! My personal pick is this ikat print bustier. With a large statement necklace, other accessories aren’t ever needed!


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